• Hand sanitization provided for all guests;
• Masks for employees and guests are required for all services;
• Hand washing between every guest;
• Regular cleaning & sanitization of retail & salon area;
• Closure of salon waiting area, therefore please arrive on-time, not early, for your appointment;
• Limited number of guests to adhere to physical distancing (2m/6ft);
• Only 7 clients at one time in the salon to maintain social distancing guidelines;
• Covid-19 screening for each client before entering the salon;



• All employees are required to be in proper mask;
• Station & sink disinfecting between each guest;
• Fresh cape provided for each guest;
• All tools are disinfected and sanitized between every guest;
• Hand washing between each guest;
• Stylists will apply a clean dry towel to all guests;
• Stylists will ensure they have a clean workstation ready before every guest & that they practice proper sanitization;
• We have removed 19 chairs from the salon;

As always, the safety of our employees and guests remains top priority. You can continue to reach us at 519-660-6161.